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    About Us

    The legalization of cannabis is not just an image makeover, it is an opportunity to define an entirely new industry from the ground up. For years, the founders of the Shryne Group have been quietly amassing licenses and diverse assets in the largest cannabis market in the world, California.

    We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit; guided by an authentic understanding of cannabis and cannabis culture; and committed to social justice. From license acquisition to class-leading operations, the Shryne Group is singularly focused on creating value for our customers, our investors, and our communities.

    The Shryne Group was one of the first cannabis enterprises to embrace social equity programs and to make financial commitments to local communities as part of its license applications. It is not just the right thing to do, it is the right business strategy.


    The cannabis industry today is a crowded space. There is unprecedented capital in search of concepts, and a myriad of concepts in search of capital. The Shryne Group is neither. Our enterprise is the result of the synergetic integration of profitable cannabis assets and veteran professionals who have come together for the opportunity to shape this industry. Our vision is informed by our intimate understanding of cannabis culture, its history and the collective expertise of decades of experience in diverse fields.