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  • Community Alliance for the Future

    The Community Alliance for the Future is a non-profit 501(c)3 affiliate of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is to support and advance the educational, cultural, and economic interests of the Greater Concord Community by:

    • Developing leadership with a dynamic and innovative vision of the future
    • Linking the business community in partnerships with educational, governmental, and non-profit organizations
    • Serving as a vehicle for research, planning and community education to anticipate, communicate and address the challenges of the future 

    Tax ID: 68-0212636

  • Historical Development

    In the Fall of 1989, the staff of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce began to research the possibility of creating a non-profit 501(c)3 Foundation to encompass some of the organization's current educational programs and to provide the means to develop new programs. Monies received by the Foundation will constitute "charitable" contributions from the donor, thus freeing previously untapped resources for the organization's educational programs. The Foundation Overview, proposed Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were submitted to the Chamber Board of January of 1990 for comment/revisions/approval. The foundation received approval from the Secretary of State in June of 1990. 

    Type of Foundation

    The Community Alliance for the Future (referred to as the Foundation) is a non-profit public benefit corporation. Such organizations are non-governmental, non-profit managed by their own trustees/directors, established to maintain or aid educational, charitable, religious, or other activities conducted for the "public good." 

    Perceived Applications

    The Foundation's immediate purpose is to provide a vehicle through which existing Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce programs, which are determined to be for the "public good", may raise funds which are not presently available to them. Primary resources of funds are charitable contributions from individuals and businesses and grants from grant-making foundations. 

    The existing programs which are currently perceived  to have the ability to utilize the Foundation for funding purposes are: Leadership Concord, the Education Committee's programs, the Business Services Network's programs including the Community Speaker's Bureau which will serve educators and service organizations. 

    Long-Range Application

    The Foundation has been organized with a mission statement which allows for fairly broad application. Potential future utilization includes: broadened/education partnerships, community oriented projects, Employee Assistance Programs, Child Care Programs, drugs in the workplace programs and demographic research.