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    About Us

    Sausal Corporation was incorporated on July 1, 1963 and licensed as a General Building Contractor in January of 1973. Our office has been in the same location in San Leandro for our entire history. We started out small, completing about a half a million dollars in contracts in 1973, mostly commercial tenant improvement work. Our first repeat clients included Dow Chemical and Chevron.

    In the late 1980's Sausal Corporation began to branch out to both Public and Private Commercial Contracting. Volume has steadily increased each year and in the past five years Sausal Corporation has averaged in excess of $40 million in contract revenues. Sausal Corporation has been recognized has one of the top Contractors in the State for several years. In 2004 Sausal was ranked among the 20 largest General Contractors in the San Francisco Bay Region, and among the top 70 Contractors in California.

    As Sausal Corporation has achieved steady growth in volume over the recent years, so has our level of corporate experience and our ability and capacity to fully satisfy all of our client's needs. We remain committed to providing quality construction in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner.


    (Sausal Corporation Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Certification Number is 1102740)