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    About Us

    Engage your Strengths and Thrive!

    With 25 years in corporate leadership roles, having a life coach and Gallup Strengths Certification, I can enthusiastically coach individuals, leaders, managers and teams to define, develop and deploy talent into strengths. There is greater purpose to an engaged strength filled life. It’s a fresh approach for leaders desiring to thrive in vocations and transform the marketplace – improving the bottom line for any organization.

    My Value Offerings: individual leadership, manager, and team coaching (evaluating Strengths assessments), Corporate managers/leaders “Talent to Strength” engagement training, Strengths culture implementation – for corporations and small businesses , New Strength Based Improvement programs (replacing aged PIPs), Supervisor (1st line) Strength workshops, Corporate Team Strength power dynamics, Millennial engagement and motivation, Core Values, Purpose, and Soft Skills, Communication spectrum training, Leadership conferences, retreats and workshops.


    Gallup Certified Strengths Coach: Leadership coaching for profit and non-profit organizations
    Management, employee and team workshops and seminars: improve engagement
    SBDC approved advisor and trainer (for small business owners)