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    About Us

    We’re very excite to be apart of this great community and finally open our doors to the public in early December 2016. We’d like to extend some exclusive deals to all Chamber members before our grand opening …but first here is a little about Orangetheory Fitness:

    We’re the best 1 hour workout in the country - 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training led by a professional fitness coach. Everyday the workout is different so you never get bored, moving from treadmill, to your own weight station and TRX, to state of the art rowing machines. Women typically burn up to 500 calories and men as much as 1000 - but the best part is that everyone is hooked up to a heart monitor for real time feedback of calorie count and heart rate.

    By staying in the “Orange Zone” (85% of your max heart rate) for approximately 15 min of a one hour workout, your body
    goes into what’s called “afterburner'' and you burn another 500+ calories over the next 24-36 hours, speeding up your body’s