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    The Four C’s

    Personal or corporate growth take planning and follow-through.
    To affect change requires deliberate steps.
    These 4 steps are essential—we call them The Four C’s.


    Until you are conscious of something, it does not exist for you. To affect any change, you must first be conscious of the need for change.


    Without focus and clarity, even glaring issues remain just that-glaring issues.

    We must drill down and get clarity:
    What is this?
    What does it mean?
    What needs to change?
    What specific steps are required?


    When we are conscious and have clarity, we can commit to the necessary steps to affect positive change. Without commitment, we have only desire.


    Change only occurs with consistent effort and we need accountability to remain consistent

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    Jeannne Schwass
    • Phone: (925) 768-3111