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    About Us


    Neto Community Network was co-founded in 2012 in Concord, California by a small group of ardent dreamers and doers. We had worked together at a cutting-edge collective impact initiative called Monument Community Partnership (MCP), where we witnessed for ourselves that social equity is achievable - not in some distant future, but in real time. Our founders so deeply believe in MCP’s relationship-driven approach to economic, health, educational and social equity issues.

    We strive to link people who want to find ways to make our communities, our democracy, and our economy work better for everyone. Our vision is for every person to have a voice in how the community works, to share equal access to opportunity, and to be valued for their human worth and dignity.

    Our mission is to provide pathways for people to connect, learn, and act toward greater equity:


    Neto is distinct from most equity organizations because we tackle the overlooked problem of social fragmentation, which economists see as a root cause of inequality. Our strategies build bridges between people from all walks of life through their common community interests.


    People need good information to fuel critical thinking about important issues. Our public forums expose people to different perspectives on economic, educational and other social equity issues, so they can form their own views about vital community matters.?


    Connected, informed, and passionate people make great community leaders. Neto helps to provide structure and support for people to act on the issues they care about.