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    About Us

    It all started in 1975 at King Plaza Deli in Daly City, California. King Plaza was a regular hang out for Frank and his friends. Through his personality and sharp wit, Frank was able to negotiate his first job, at the deli, cleaning tables and sweeping floors for $3.00 a day, at the age of eight. He continued to move up the ranks eventually working each and every position in the deli. Frank demonstrated his commitment to the job staying with King Plaza until he started high school at the age of fourteen.

    In the meantime, Frank studied hard, knowing that one day he wanted to own his own deli. At sixteen, Frank began working in a local pizza parlor. He worked at a couple of local parlors over the next few years, increasing his experience in the food and service industry.

    During these years of servicing the public Frank understood what people were looking for in a product and what they demanded in service. Frank opened his first Mr. Pickle?s in 1995, in San Mateo, California. Mr. Pickle?s took San Mateo by storm. Frank engaged the local high schools in naming sandwiches and participating in one of the first Mr. Pickle?s TV commercials. The local kids were devoted to Mr. Pickle?s and were considered ?regulars.?

    The community loved Frank and his team. The line out the door proved it daily. After a couple of years, the demand to spread the ?pickle love? encouraged Frank to open up another shop. The reputation of Mr. Pickle?s spread like wildfire. Everyone loved Mr. Pickle?s and if they hadn?t tried it, they surely had heard about it.