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    Blue Star Inc. is Concord's Original Tattoo and Body Piercing shop, since 1980. Our staffs are award winning artists dedicated to the art of tattooing and body piercing. We are the oldest shop in Contra Costa County, and the only member of the Association of Professional Body Piercers in the San Francisco east bay. Each artist has been professionally trained (updated yearly) in bloodborne pathogens, and disease prevention. We have strict standards for our sterilizion process the best in the business. We use individually packaged, sterile needles that are immediately disposed of after each procedure. Everything is completely disinfected before and after every tattoo and/or piercing to eliminate contamination. You will always see us wearing gloves even for the most minor things, because we care about our client health as well as our own. Our staff is trained to work with you to achieve the design you desire. We will work from studio selections of designs, or help you create a totally unique design. Asian, Traditional, Tribal, New School... the style is up to you! We can also repair old, damaged, or poorly applied tattoos. Our piercing department specialties are body piercing, branding, scarification, dermal anchors, surface piercing, play piercing and private suspension. There here for all you body modification needs. Come in and check out our work in the studio we have displayed have a look and judge for yourself! We have complete privacy available. We will give you written aftercare instruction. You will not be permitted in the shop if you are under the influence


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