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  • Active Shooter Best PracticesThis course covers how to react when a shooting begins, how to spot the signs of a disturbed co-worker and security measures that can slow down or prevent an attack.

    Anti-HarassmentThis training is required every two years and within six months of hire. September 30, 2018, Governor Brown signed into law California SB1343 requiring that all companies/organizations with five or more employees train non-supervisory employees on sexual harassment training to include abusive conduct and harassment based upon gender every two years. This is in addition to supervisors who must continue to train in sexual harassment, abusive conduct and harassment based upon gender for two hours every two years under California Law AB1825.

    Cybersecurity for EmployeesThis brand new video course focuses on stopping the ever-growing threat of cyber theft. Cybersecurity is in the hands of employees. Despite billions of dollars spent protecting organizational networks, the real threat comes from within. Hackers focus their energies on tricking naive employees into giving up passwords and other confidential data. This is much easier than attacking a technologically advanced firewall. Just one mistake from one employee can give them the keys to an entire network.

    DiversityDiscusses diversity, the obstacles that can prevent people from accepting it, and what managers and supervisors can do to embrace and encourage diversity in their department.

    Guarding Against COVID-19This online course discusses COVID-19 hazards and the safe practices that the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and other healthcare authorities recommend that you follow to avoid them.

    Working from Home - This course discusses the difficulties that can be associated with setting up and working from a home office, and how employees can avoid them by structuring their day, organizing their time and maintaining personal wellness. 

    Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention - No one should feel frightened or threatened in the workplace. Unfortunately, two million American workers are victims of workplace violence every year. In an effort to minimize incidents, California under Cal/OSHA Title 8 Section 3342, enacted a violence protection law that requires employers in operations identified as healthcare facilities to educate and train their employers on workplace violence prevention, but all INDUSTRIES and ORGANIZATIONS should train on Workplace Violence.