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    About Us

    SAGE was founded in 1992 as Veterinary Surgical Associates (VSA) and has since grown into one of the largest specialty practices in the country. The scope of available treatment was broadened outside of surgery by VSA’s collaboration with Veterinary Medical Specialists, a talented team of internists and oncologists, in 2002. We expanded further with the addition of a full-service emergency clinic, Tri-Valley Animal Emergency Center (TVAEC), in Dublin in 2008. A year later, VSA expanded its services to include neurology and added a physical therapist to our physical rehabilitation practice. Cardiology was added to our list of available specialties in 2011.
    It was announced in 2011 that SAGE Centers for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Centers would become the new name of the single organization comprised of the practices formerly known as VSA, VMS, and TVAEC.
    As a combined practice, we recognize the important role that animal companions play in our culture and how they contribute to our health, happiness, and overall well-being. Whether they provide companionship, perform special services, or teach responsibility and life lessons to children, their worth is undeniable. It is with this understanding that we commit ourselves to serving the San Francisco Bay Area with the highest quality veterinary medicine and the utmost consideration for our clients and the veterinarians who have entrusted us with their referral. But most of all, we dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of companion animals, with whom we share our homes and our lives.