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    About Us

    General Construction, Plumbing & Mechanical Services

    Lescure Company, Inc. is a family-based company that was started in 1947 by Marcel and Charlotte Lescure. This company is now into its 3rd generation keeping with the same family values.

    Think Smart, Work Hard and have Integrity. Adaptation is a good word to describe ourselves, over the years Lescure Company has had to adapt to the work forecast and re-invent who we are and what we do. From being primarily a Mechanical Shop to becoming a General Contractor specializing in jobs that we can perform all the scopes of work.

    Lescure Company, Inc. performs at the highest levels when it comes to quality of work from Fuel Delivery Systems, Water Reclamation Systems, General Contracting, Mechanical, Plumbing, California Designated Operators. ICC Certified UST,AST, Technician, UST Decommissioning for facility needs. What ever your need or dream is Lescure Company, Inc. can help it come true.