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    We at La Concordia Wellness Center are committed to providing the best care, acknowledging that every individual is unique. Concordia means creating a harmony between the brain, the heart, the mind and the soul. Our work consists of enhancing awareness on how to stay in harmony with these four elements for overall wellness. We are in the field of mental health and wellness to provide better understanding to our patients about how conditions can be treated without attaching any stigma to them; remembering that behind any condition lies an important person.

    Our non-profit organization concentrates on helping underrepresented communities maximize access to mental health care and wellness. The awareness of mental health issues is important to facilitate treatment. La Concordia’s goal is to help address the issues related to limited access to mental health care due to systemic and structural complexities.

    La Concordia believes in working on gaining the trust of our clients by helping break the language barriers and providing therapy in different languages. Studies show that the brain connects better to emotions in the client’s primary language.


    The Grand Opening of the Multicultural Wellness Center & Unveiling of our Community Mural: Ribbon Cutting
    • La Concordia Wellness Center is celebrating the opening of our Multicultural Wellness Center while unveiling our new community mural.
    • Friday Jul 26, 2024
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