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    Financial Advisors/Financial Services

    About Us

    Our Mission

    To provide knowledgeable, un-biased investment advice and direct management, with integrity and a purpose to place our clients’ interests above all else.

    Core Values

    Promptness to advise clients on severe market conditions and security losses
    Avoidance of conflicts of interest

    Why Choose IGM?

    Independent Investment Advice and Management

    Not affiliated with any Brokerage or Insurance companies

    Transparent Business Model

    Fee is a percentage of Assets Under Management

    No hidden , or complex fee schedule

    What you see is what you get

    Held to a Fiduciary Standard

    Must act in clients best interests

    Most disclose any potential conflicts of interest

    Use TD Ameritrade as our Broker/Dealer and Custodian

    One of the largest discount brokerages in the USA

    We are not affiliated in any way with TDA