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    About Dr. Harris Meyer, D.C.
    We are here to serve Contra Costa Country and beyond with natural, drugless, non-surgical health care delivered with compassion.
    We have four primary service offerings:
    1. Non-Surgical Spine Decompression. This safe technology saves scores of people from the miseries of drug dependency, steroid injections, and the extreme risks of surgery. We have an 86-92% success rate with resolving neck or back pain, arm or leg pain, numbness, etc. with no side effects…and research shows it lasts!
    2. Neuropathy—Nerve Pain (typically in feet, sometimes hands) We use Cold Laser or LED Light Therapy to rejuvenate the effected tissues, restore circulation so the tissues can heal. This painless treatment can give you back your life.
    3. Functional Nutrition. It can seem like there’s a medicine for everything. The truth is that drugs in general don’t cure…they mask symptoms or force chemical reactions that result in stress and damage to your cells. With functional nutrition we evaluate your condition with appropriate lab testing and then address problems with specific nutrients. This is the way to heal from chronic illnesses while restoring your health and vitality.
    4. Chiropractic Care. In 1895 it was discovered that the spine, if misaligned will inhibit nerves from transmitting signal properly. We might experience pain at the site or where those nerves travel. If we correct misalignments, our nervous system works as it should and we thrive, without pain. Our thorough exam and skillful care will get results for your unique situation. More at EastBayDiscCenters.com

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    Harris Meyer
    • Phone: (925) 320-3472