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    The Veranda
    2001-2003 Diamond Blvd.
    Concord, CA 94520

    The Veranda is a newly imagined mixed-use retail center with open-air shopping and dining, gourmet grocery and other experiences to create the ultimate gathering place.  
    The complex will include high-quality design elements and finishes to create a contemporary shopping experience with high-end restaurants, retail and other modern features. The beautiful architecture, lush landscaping, water
    features and outstanding amenities will make The Veranda the top center where people can relax, shop, eat and attend a variety of special events.
    Located in the #1 economy in the world (Silicon Valley).
    Regional draw witht he first luxury theater in the area with full IMAX presentation, food & bar experience.
    Whole Foods 365, the first in the Bay Area.
    Experiential retail that does not currently exist in the East Bay market.
    Comprehensive offerings of retail & services wrapped in our signature CenterCal gathering areas; driving frequency of customers (3-5 times per week).