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    About Us

    The Concord Ambassadors is an all-volunteer organization which maintains the sister city relationship between Kitakami, Japan and Concord, California. We're dedicated to promoting mutual exchanges in the fields of education, culture, social affairs and economics. We encourage personal and business relationships between both individuals and groups.

    For nearly 50 years there has been a steady flow of visitors between the two cities enjoying the opportunity for ''home stay'' visits and culture exchange.


    Founders - October 1974
    Kitkami, Japan
    Kitakami, Japan Rice Field
    Kitakami display in City Offices
    2004 Concord by Library - at sculpture
    Gallery Image Welcome_to_Kitkami.jpg
    1999 Keiko Usugi i and Mike Pastrick with Mayor
    2002 Mike Pastrick by sister city sculpture
    1999 Mike Pastrick in Kitkami
    2014 Crane display at Brendon Theater
    Gallery Image Concord_Ambassadors_Julie._Van._Mary_Rae_booth.jpg
    2019 In Kitkami
    2019 in Kitkami
    2019 Mayor Obringer in Kitakami with Mayor
    2017 Julie and Keith Germain in Kitkami
    2019 students in Kitkami
    2019 Kitkami Officials in Japan
    2017 City Council with Keiko Usugi in Concord
    Tomonobu Yara Band from Japan performing
    2017 Keiko Usugi, Julie Germain and Ewa Sobilo sailing
    Gallery Image Kitkami_visit_2016.jpg
    Gallery Image kitkami_visit_2016_2.jpg
    2019 Julie and Keith Germain with Ewa Sobilo in Kitakami Japan
    2017 Laura Hoffmeister City Council
    Gallery Image Concord_Ambassadors_Susan_Burkitt.jpg
    2004 Helen Allen with Mayor Kitakami
    2014 Brad Macy, Ellen Williams, Norma, Carlin Obringer, Julie Germain
    2019 Students visit Concord from Kitkami
    2019 Kitkami Mayor and officials on river boat
    2019 River boat Japan
    2014 Brendon Theater 10,000 cranes
    2014 Brendon Theater 10,000 cranes event
    2024 50th Anniversary Pin
    Onikenbai Masks
    Michinoku Village Lily 2022