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    About Us

    The Community Youth Center (CYC) is a state-of-the-art sports and academic center where youth ages 5 to 18 thrive in a dynamic and positive environment. The caring CYC staff and volunteers work hard every day to support young student athletes. The CYC is proud to manage 10 sports programs and an academic excellence center.

    Boxing * Wrestling * Gymnastics * Rhythmic Gymnastics
    Taekwondo * Judo * Sport Specific Conditioning *
    Cheerleading * Dance *Academic Excellence *
    Outdoor Activities

    The CYC is staffed with outstanding coaches who specialize in delivering quality instruction and genuinely care about kids. CYC is proud to emphasize that it offers recreation-based classes; however, the CYC also offers competitive team training opportunities for those hoping to excel at a higher level.

    Sports help to develop key characteristics and behaviors in youth, and if done correctly can build a foundation for success in life. The key to guaranteed success is a balance between sports and academics. At the CYC, we offer tutoring to our athletes. Our Academic Excellence program is designed to augment our athletes? existing studies, and to help them manage their time effectively, so they can become even better students and athletes.