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    About Us

    The vision of CVCHS is to prepare students to become first class citizens with a world class education and to prepare all students with skills that prepare them for college and careers of the 21st century. We believe all students should be effectively prepared for admissions to the universities of their choice as all students can achieve at high levels. Clayton Valley Charter High School is on a mission to become one of the highest performing high schools in the region as all teachers will engage students with research based instructional strategies based upon the Rigor/Relevance/Relationship Framework as introduced by Dr. Bill Daggett, CEO of the International Center for Leadership in Education. In short, CVCHS is on the road taking us from good to great as a high performance high school. We believe all students should be educated with critical thinking skills that engage them in the application of learning to their real world lives. Further, making learning relevant to their lives is the primary task of all teachers as we know that students ''lose what they do not use'' and they retain what is applied. And the foundation of learning is based upon a nurturing relationship between teachers and students because we also recognize that ''students don't care how much you know until they know how much your care.''