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    The Brickyard Building Materials story starts out almost 100 years ago with the founding of Concord Ice & Fuel in 1922.

    Way back in the roaring 1920’s, Concord Ice & Fuel was THE general store of choice. Contractors came for building materials. Horse owners came for tack & feed. Everyone else came for everyday necessities ranging from sewing thread to coal and from hay to cement.

    Fifty-seven years later, Tony Akins purchased Concord Ice & Fuel and changed the name to Concord Feed & Fuel. With Tony at the helm, the business grew in leaps and bounds.

    Around the same time, a local masonry yard closed its doors. Tony saw a great opportunity and acquired Concord Masonry Supply, creating a building materials division of Concord Feed & Fuel. Sales took off almost immediately.

    In 2000, Tony continued to expand the Company by acquiring The Brickyard, a local building materials operation with locations in Sacramento and Vacaville.

    Today, Brickyard Building Materials is Northern California’s premier building materials dealer with three locations selling pavers, brick, block, stone and other masonry materials to contractors and homeowners throughout the Bay Area.