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    Ashby Lumber is a retail lumberyard serving the entire Bay Area with stores in Berkeley and Concord. We are uniquely situated to serve Alameda and Contra Costa counties as Ashby Lumber is the only lumber retailer with full size yards in both counties.

    In an age of increasingly impersonal service, the employees of Ashby Lumber are unique as they are genuinely helpful and interested. This has allowed Ashby Lumber to prosper in an era of box retailing.

    In addition to customer service, our competitive pricing, broad selection, and quality materials keep customers coming back. Ashby Lumber sells both contractors and homeowners everything from foundation materials to finish products. We will special order just about anything you need and are experts in this area. We invite you to visit either of our locations or let any of our fifteen delivery trucks bring materials to you.

    ''I'd rather serve one customer 100 times than 100 customers only once,'' was the motto of Thomas P. Hogan, founder of Ashby Lumber, and remains Ashby Lumber's standard for service today.