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  • White Pony Express Starts Delivering Fresh Groceries Each Week to the Students of Marsh Elementary i

    November 15, 2019
    Date: November 13, 2019
    Contact: Steve Spraitzar
    White Pony Express Starts Delivering Fresh Groceries Each Week to the Students of Marsh Elementary in Antioch and Their Families
    White Pony Express (WPE), a nonprofit based in Pleasant Hill, CA, is pleased
    to announce that as part of its School Pantry Program, it has commenced
    delivering milk, meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables to the students of Marsh
    Elementary in Antioch and their families. This is WPE’s 10th school pantry,
    and the first of six school pantries to be opened under a $286,000 grant from
    CalRecyle, a California State agency that promotes waste reduction and
    Twice each week WPE will bring an average of about 1,000 lb. of fresh surplus
    food to Marsh Elementary, which is the third school pantry that WPE has set
    up in the Antioch School District. This is nutritious food that would have
    otherwise been sent to local landfills. About 60-70 families (about 280
    people) will benefit from each delivery to Marsh.
    Over 40%, or 100,000 students in Contra Costa County, qualify for the free
    lunch program. The goal of the School Pantry Program is to increase students’
    academic and overall success and to help eliminate hunger so that all can
    contribute more fully to the communities in which they live.
    Helen Jones, WPE’s Food Rescue Operations Manager, said, “In all the school
    pantries I have been involved with, this school has shown one of the greatest
    needs. The families we serve through this program have demanding
    challenges throughout the month. Many of the participants receive food
    stamps which only cover a portion of a month’s worth of food. The food that
    WPE provides to the schools we serve not only provides nutrition--it provides
    In a subsequent visit to the school, Helen was told by Principal Blair Wilkins
    that student attendance has improved since the WPE pantry started.
    Other WPE school pantries include Lincoln Elementary (Richmond), CORE
    (Richmond), Boys & Girls Clubs (Martinez), EM Downer Elementary (San
    Pablo), Verde Elementary (Richmond), Riverview Middle School (Bay Point),
    Ford Elementary (Richmond), Fremont Elementary (Antioch), and Antioch
    Middle School (Antioch). With the recent addition of the Marsh Elementary
    pantry, WPE’s school pantry deliveries will exceed 415,000 meals of quality,
    nutritious food in 2019.
    ABOUT WPE: WPE is a volunteer powered 501(c)3 organization
    headquartered in Pleasant Hill, CA, which helps people move from the
    margins to the mainstream by providing free food and clothing in a loving and
    respectful manner.
    Dr. Carol Weyland Conner, the spiritual director of Sufism Reoriented,
    founded WPE in September 2013 when she was troubled that with such as an
    abundance of food, many thousands were going hungry, while at the same
    time food retailers were throwing out huge quantities of healthy, fresh
    food. Out of this insight, the Food Rescue program was born. In a little over 6
    years, WPE has rescued and delivered almost 9,800,000 pounds (equivalent to
    over 8,100,000 meals) of fresh, nutritious food, free of charge, that would
    otherwise go to waste.
    In 2014 the White Pony General Store (WPGS) was added to provide high
    quality clothing, toys, and books to the underserved in our communities--all
    free of charge.
    For more on WPE, visit www.whiteponyexpress.org.
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