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  • White Pony Express Begins New Program Distributing Food Kits

    August 27, 2020

    White Pony Express Begins New Program Distributing Food Kits

    to Help Latinx Children and their Families
    White Pony Express (WPE), headquartered in Pleasant Hill, CA, and founded by Dr. Carol Weyland Conner in 2013, has launched a special new initiative, the Blessings Project, designed to provide “food kits” for recently immigrated families who are particularly vulnerable at this time. The idea is to help those who do not have sufficient resources or an adequate system of support. 
    The project recently launched when the first food kits were delivered to families, identified by our partners at Monument Impact, who are living in a housing complex in Central Contra Costa County. The delivery was met by the families with heartfelt thanks.  If we receive support for the Blessings Project, we hope to expand this program. 
    WPE’s idea is to deliver food and spices that are familiar to our Latinx neighbors. The food kits include fresh produce, rice, Masa flour, beans, tomato sauce, cheese, assorted peppers, an array of spices, Mexican chocolate, corn husks, and other items enjoyed by them. 
    Although WPE picks up surplus food items from supermarkets and food distributors every day, we do not get everything needed for these food kits. 
    For the Blessings Project we would love – and we need – the community’s participation.
    Do you know of an individual or group that would be interested in sponsoring this initiative? We are also looking for people who will host drives for food items needed to complete the food kits.  
    If this is something you or someone you know might be interested in, please contact Eve Birge, Executive Director at (202) 251-4174, evebirge@whiteponyexpress.org for sponsorships, and Pete Olsen, WPE’s School Pantry and Food Sourcing Manager at (925) 322-0604 x 129, petersolsen@whiteponyexpress.org for food drives.

    Caption: Eve Birge, Executive Director at White Pony Express, readies a food kit for the Blessings Project.

    Caption: White Pony Express volunteers and workers joyfully assemble food kits for the launch of the Blessings Project.

    Caption: Bags packed and ready for delivery! Each household receives two full totes and a large box containing fresh produce.