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  • City of Concord Addresses Affordable Housing

    May 16, 2019
    City of Concord Addresses Affordable Housing
    Concord, Calif. (May 15, 2019) – The Concord City Council and City staff continue to take measures to support the construction and protection of affordable housing in Concord. At its May 7 meeting, the Council issued a proclamation declaring May 11-19, 2019 “Affordable Housing Week” in the City of Concord.
    “Affordable housing provides opportunity and stability to individuals and families,” Concord Mayor Carlyn Obringer said. “When placed in transit-oriented developments, affordable housing also reduces traffic and greenhouse emissions, and today’s ‘green’ affordable housing provides health, environmental, and financial benefits to our Bay Area communities.”
    Also at the May 7 meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to approve and authorize an additional allocation of $2.3 million in City Housing Funds to Resources for Community Development (RCD) to partially finance the construction of their expanded affordable housing project located at 1313-1321 Galindo Street. Council originally awarded RCD $5.5 million in 2018 for the Galindo Street project. The additional allocation of funds allowed RCD to increase the project’s unit count by 41 percent, from 44 units to 62 units.
    In its recommendation to Council, City staff said it is confident the enhancements could result in a flagship affordable housing development at this property, which would serve the needs of Concord’s residents for years to come.
    Moderate-Income Units to be Built
    Additionally, Council voted on May 7 to deny Discovery Builders’ appeal of a denial of their Use Permit Amendment by the Planning Commission on March 6, 2019. The requested Use Permit Amendment was for a change to the developer’s condition of approval requiring the building of four affordable units for moderate-income households within its 26-unit townhome project, the Enclave, at 3000 Willow Pass Road. Moderate-income units are designated for moderate-income households whose annual income does not exceed 120% of the area median income.
    The developer had been requesting to pay in-lieu fees rather than build the affordable units. As a result of the Council decision, the four affordable units will be offered by the City once construction is near completion, anticipated in early 2020. The project is expected to break ground this summer. Units would be administered through Hello Housing, the City’s administrator for below market rate units through the City’s inclusionary housing program and the City’s first-time homebuyer program.
    Calling it a “unique opportunity,” Mayor Obringer said that building these units will help the City make progress toward achieving its moderate income Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) numbers that are documented in the City’s Housing Element 2014-2022.
    Sun Ridge Apartments Remain Affordable
    City officials recently joined Community HousingWorks to celebrate the completion of the renovation and preservation of the Sun Ridge Apartments located at 1265 Monument Blvd. By renovating the existing complex, the affordability of the property has been preserved for an additional 55 years.
    Originally constructed in 1964-65, Sun Ridge is a 198-apartment community with one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. By leveraging public-private financing such as low-income housing tax credits and tax-exempt bonds, Community HousingWorks was able to undertake this renovation at no cost to the City, allowing Concord to preserve existing subsidies for other similar rehabilitation projects or the new construction of affordable housing.
    Ad Hoc Committee on Rental Housing
    Earlier this year, Concord Mayor Carlyn Obringer formed an ad hoc committee on rental housing to craft recommendations to the City Council on policies and possible programs to address rental housing concerns in Concord. The committee has been meeting with tenant advocates, property owners and technical experts since January of 2019.
    Based on its findings from these meetings, the committee will release a report on May 20 with its recommendations. The committee will hold a public meeting on May 29 at 6 p.m. to share the report and recommendations and gather community input. The report will be presented to the full Council on June 19.
    For more information on affordable housing in Concord, please visit www.cityofconcord.org/housing.
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