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  • Clubhouse Program Staff

    Posted: 03/31/2021

    Clubhouse Vision Statement: Every person with mental illness lives a meaningful, productive life. Clubhouse Mission Statement:
    Putnam Clubhouse is a place where adults in Contra Costa County recovering from mental illness can experience community, support, and opportunity. Members enhance their social and vocational skills resulting in self-confident, meaningful, and productive lives. We are a place of purpose, hope and recovery.

    Is your passion supporting adults with mental illness in living and working in the community with dignity? Are you flexible and open to experiencing new challenges on a daily basis? Do you regularly go above and beyond the call of duty?

    If so, Putnam Clubhouse is seeking a full-time Clubhouse Program Staff at their offices in Concord, CA. The Clubhouse Program Staff works within a team setting and is responsible for engaging members, our program participants, in building relationships and utilizing opportunities within the Clubhouse program. The desirable outcomes for members are hope, personal growth and a higher quality of life. Connection to this unique community leads to a life of achievement and fulfillment.

    Company Background:
    Putnam Clubhouse (founded in 2008) is a free and voluntary social/vocational program for adults 18 and older in Contra Costa County living with severe mental illness. Our goal is to help members live and work in the community with independence and dignity. The Clubhouse is an international, evidenced-based model of recovery that began in New York’s Fountain House almost 70 years ago.

    Clubhouse staff hold a professional and direct service position in a generalist role, though candidates may also be asked to focus in an area of expertise as determined by the organization’s and members’ needs. Central to the Program Staff Generalist role is engaging members in all aspects of Clubhouse operation. This engagement is achieved by helping members experience a sense of belonging and being needed in the Clubhouse community, with a focus on strengths, talents, and interests. Staff offer a positive, supportive relationship that promotes hope, choice, wellness and recovery for members while working together as colleagues and mentors.

    To accomplish its mission, Putnam Clubhouse promotes rehabilitation and employment, provides educational, social, and housing opportunities and offers training in its approach to community-based care. For more information, please visit www.putnamclubhouse.org.

    For consideration: Please send your resume and a cover letter that articulates your interest, qualifications, and salary requirements for this position to: careers@putnamclubhouse.org

    • Please do not call or stop by the Clubhouse to inquire about this job opportunity, we will respond to email only. .
    Desired Qualifications
    • Ability to listen, problem solve, and multi-task effectively.
    • Ability to work with a sense of urgency and excitement about the work of the Clubhouse.
    • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing. Employ highly developed communication skills including cultural, language, and computer competency.
    • Ability to demonstrate adherence to a strengths-based perspective in words and actions.
    • Ability to adhere to Clubhouse philosophy and applicable federal, state, county, and local guidelines in carrying out job duties.
    • Ability to work “side-by-side” with members, both in the physical Clubhouse space, and in the virtual space (Zoom), creating an atmosphere and adhering to general policy in which work, leadership, and power are given to members whenever possible, with the necessary support to succeed and enjoy their experiences.
    • Ability to encourage members to interact with and mentor other members, staff, and Clubhouse colleagues.
    • Be result-oriented, responsible, organized, flexible and a self-starter.
    • Be kind, cheerful, outgoing, considerate, patient, tactful and demonstrate good judgment.
    • Ability to work with a diverse team and to quickly establish productive relationships.
    • Diverse computer competencies a plus.
    • Spanish-Speaking a plus.
    • Multimedia and Social Media Skills a plus.
    • Musician a plus.
    Preferred Requirements
    • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or unique skill set
    • Experience in mental health
    • 2-5 years of overall experience

    Benefits Statement
    • Kaiser medical, dental, vision
    • 401(k) plan
    • Training opportunities
    • On-Site Fitness Center
    • Paid Time Off Program for vacation, holiday and sick time
    Unit Staff Responsibilities:
    Work Ordered Day:
    • Build genuine relationships through working side-by side with members.
    • Identify individual members’ strengths and talents and offer opportunities for meaningful work.
    • Assure work is visible, accessible and sufficient to engage all members all day in all aspects of the Clubhouse.
      • Support, encourage, redirect and creatively involve all members in the Clubhouse.
      • Assume bottom line responsibility for engaging members in the successful completion of ALL unit work.
      • Facilitate and participate daily in unit meetings, Transitional Employment meetings, Clubhouse meetings, and philosophy/policy meetings, assuring full member participation.
      • Be aware of members not in attendance and ensure effective outreach.
      • Assist members in creating and updating a meaningful plan with measurable goals.
      • Partner with members in achieving their goals.
      • Engage in virtual Work-Ordered Day with enthusiasm.
      • Be responsive to feedback from others: members, coworkers, Team Unit Leads, Program Manager, Executive Director and others.
    Community Support:
    • Partner with members to achieve positive outcomes in the following areas, including but not limited to: employment, education, housing, social, legal, substance abuse, physical health, mental health.
      • Assist members with identifying and accessing benefits including SSDI, SSI, food stamps, MediCal, Medicare, Section 8 and other entitlements.
      • Proactively address needs before situations escalate to crises.
      • Support members through crisis situations by identifying the seriousness of the problem, accessing needed services, assisting with hospitalization, and ensuring follow-up.
      • Coordinate services with other care providers including Contra Costa County Behavioral Health, John Muir Health, Kaiser, physicians, therapists, case workers, Vocational Rehabilitation and other collaborating agencies.
    • Foster an atmosphere of belief that all members possess the ability to work.
    • Complete Placement Manager training annually and fulfill Placement Manager responsibilities.
    • Encourage members to move beyond Transitional Employment through job development activities and support members seeking Supported or Independent Employment.
    • Assist members with resume development, interview skills and job searches as well as support members in keeping their job.
    • Assist members with Career Awareness tool, and Personal Employment Plans.
    • Foster an atmosphere of belief that all members possess the ability to further their education.
    • Promptly assist members with application, registration, financial aid, linkage to school supports and any other supports necessary to succeed.
    • Support members with scholarship program and personal education plans.
    • Support members with tutoring.
    • Ensure that all members have a safe, decent, and affordable home of their choice.
    • Promptly address homelessness.
    • Provide supports to help members live independently.
    • Create a culture of wellness by educating, motivating and celebrating accomplishments.
    • Partner with members to make lifestyle changes such as healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco cessation.
    • Complete Wellness Coach training and fulfill responsibilities.
    • Work with members to plan and promote special social events on evenings, weekends, and holidays, including physical and virtual social events. Connect with members outside of the Work-Ordered Day by participating actively in events.
    • Broaden relationships, be yourself, create a festive atmosphere and have fun.