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  • Assistant pool manager / Pool manager

    Assistant Pool Managers and Pool Managers are responsible for seasonal and year round operation of a community swimming pool, including lead supervision of pool lifeguards, swimming instructors, and other employees; the application and enforcement of rules and regulations governing the health, safety, and welfare of patrons; the overall operation and maintenance of the pool, its equipment, and facilities; the conduct and expansion of various swim instruction programs; and the determining of priority of use of the pool and its facilities. 

    Assistant Pool Manager: $21.50 - $22.59/hour with minimum 3 seasons of experience
    Pool Manager: $24.33 - $24.93/hour, with minimum 5 seasons of experience

    Examples of duties include, but are not limited to
    -Organizes and conducts swimming, diving, lifeguarding, and other related swim classes. Attends meetings as required. 
    -Trains, schedules, supervises, and evaluates swim staff personnel.
    -Sees that all department rules and regulations are enforced regarding the health, safety, and welfare of all persons using the swimming pool.
    -Maintains the swim pool in a clean and orderly condition and makes regular inspections of the sanitation and maintenance in accordance with local and State health and Safety Codes.
    -Tests water for chlorine, acidity content, temperature, and adjusts controls to maintain desirable conditions in the swim pool; may do related maintenance work as required.
    -Maintains, or has prepared, all records or reports as required, including cash transactions, attendance, accident reports, program summary, and supplies records.
    -Requests supplies necessary to operate the swimming pool; request repairs, maintenance, additions to equipment and facilities as needed.
    -Follows prescribed procedures in cases of emergency, administers first aid and/or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
    -May act as pool lifeguard or swim instructors as required.
    -Conduct and participate in weekly in-service training sessions.
    -Other duties as assigned.
    In addition to the above Pool Managers may also:
    Recruit and assist with selecting part time staff
    Assist with developing program schedules 
    Develop and prepare promotional materials for review by others
    Other duties as assigned.

    Knowledge of:
    Current and preventative lifeguarding techniques.
    -Swimming rescue techniques, C.P.R., and first aid.
    -Rules and regulations of an aquatic facility.

    -Swimming pool maintenance and the chemicals, equipment, and techniques used to meet State and County Department of Health standards.
    Instruction techniques and materials related to aquatic activities.
    -Principles and practice of supervision.
    -Basic accounting principles.

    Ability to:
    -Swim with proficiency and endurance.
    -Prevent accidents and effect rescues.
    Enforce the rules and regulations of an aquatic facility.
    Develop and implement aquatic programs for a variety of skill levels.
    Plan, direct, and supervise the work of others.
    Establish and maintain effective relationships with other employees and the public.
    Perform swimming rescues, C.P.R., and first aid.
    Interpret policies and procedures.
    Follow oral and written instructions.
    Prepare, read, and write various reports.

    -Organize and instruct swimming and water safety classes.