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  • Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics

    Carondelet High School
    Job Description

    Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics
    Job Title: Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics Department: Student Life
    Reports To: Vice Principal of Student Life Classification: Exempt
    Directs Reports: N/A Date Revised: 11/18/2019
    Job Summary
    The Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics inspires excellence, responds to the needs of the time, and makes a positive difference by preparing young women to live with heart, faith and courage in the Catholic tradition.  The Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics understands the uniqueness of each student, strives to awaken minds, and guides students in faith, hope, and growth in the spirit of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. 
    The Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics helps administer procedures related to student discipline policies, campus safety and security, coverage of events, working with the Student Life team on logistics, initiatives and programs, and is responsible for master scheduling and the transportation needs of the school. 
    The Assistant Dean of Student Life and Logistics is an advocate for students dealing with personal, emotional, medical and academic needs and works with the Dean of Student Life and Wellness to help foster a positive and supportive educational environment built on trust, safety of the whole child, and with a focus on CSJ mission.
    The Administrative Coordinator of Student Life and Wellness yearns to make a positive difference in the lives of all Carondelet students.

    Essential Responsibilities
    • Works with the Dean of Student Life and Wellness as an advocate, facilitator and disciplinarian for students while helping oversee the basic quality of life of all Carondelet students
    • Assists in implementing guidelines for proper student conduct and dress, maintains student discipline, monitors students’ adherence to established school rules, and ensures a safe environment for all students
    • Fosters a school environment of unity, harmony, cooperation and high morale through tact, helpfulness, respect, and a recognition of individual differences and the special abilities and strengths of each student
    • Builds and maintains positive relationships with staff, parents, and community members
    • Creates positive interactions with students, families, and outside constituencies through a variety of responsibilities and promotes a positive image of Carondelet
    • Maintains strict confidentiality related to students, school families, and alumnae
    • Develops innovative strategies and use of technology to ensure smooth implementation of student programming and events.
    • Works creatively and collaboratively with various constituencies to schedule and execute student programming and events, holding an overall view of the wider academic and social life of the school through the effective use of the school master calendar.
    • Is responsible for coordination of the transportation needs of the school across all departments.
    Administrative Responsibilities
    Student Discipline and Campus Security
    • Assists Dean of Student Life and Wellness in day-to-day campus supervision, including supervision of the I-Center and in implementing school protocols and policies.
    • Coordinates traffic in the morning, during the school day, after school and at selected events, including but not limited to: Frosh BBQ/Orientation, Open House, Placement Test, Visions of Christmas, Interviews, Dances, Graduation, etc.
    • Coordinate with Dean of Student Life and Wellness all aspects of school Emergency Preparedness and protocols.
    • Cover Attendance Office during Attendance Officer’s lunch and absences
    Student Life Logistics
    • Assists the Director of Student Activities with the following major events:  Orientation, Welcome Week, Sisterhood Week, Homecoming, Billion Rising, Graduation, Grad Night, Student Recognition Assemblies, Admissions events and other events as they arise
    • Assists with distribution and collection of forms, permission slips, and facilities requests for campus ministry events, field trips, outside academic activities, etc.
    Student Outreach:
    • Participates in student life meetings related to student wellness and behaviors as needed.
    • Coordinates programs on an ongoing basis such as the Green Dot Bystander Programming, alcohol and drug awareness, etc. in collaboration with the Vice Principal of Student Life and Mission and Student Life Department.
    • Functions as the Director of Summer Camps, working under the Director of Community Relations in coordinating the day-to-day schedule for summer camps, including recruitment of and training for student leaders, supervising all aspects of day-to-day operations, being point of contact for parents, families, etc.
    Strategic Coordination
    • Partner with the Director of Student Activities and Principal in the creation of the school master calendar.
    • Responsible for the master calendar to facilitate scheduling of events across both campuses in order to ensure optimum work flow and utilization of space.
    • Responsible for communication across all departments to ensure accurate and complete scheduling of events, including necessary resource allocation such as AV/Tech, facilities, equipment, and other needs.
    • Responsible for working with on campus constituencies to develop processes, protocols, and policies for facility and transportation requests and event planning.
    • Manage all facility use requests from internal faculty/staff members and outside users or groups. Approve or deny facility requests and handle required communications.
    • Troubleshoot issues and problems as they arise and escalate when necessary.
    • Daily upkeep of all facility use files, including internal faculty/staff members and outside users.
    • Staying informed of all policies and rules regarding facility use and liability insurance.
    • Event Rental
      • Coordinate and schedule all event rentals utilizing scheduling system across both campuses.
      • Communicate with facilities manager to ensure proper coverage of all events including AV/Tech, equipment and other needs.
      • Coordinate and schedule any outside services needed to support events as needed.
      • Serve as point of contact for rental groups.
    • Plan and coordinate regular bus schedule and special event transportation programs.
    • Coordinate with athletics, academics and other groups to coordinate transportation needs.
    • Prepare and maintain proper recordkeeping as required.
    • Coordinate and manage all required bus and van service and maintenance needs as well as bus inspections for the Carondelet bus.
    • Schedule outside bus or transportation needs as required.
    Additional duties as directed by the Vice Principal of Student Life/Director of Finance/Principal.
    • Prefer experience in an educational setting
    • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution with advanced degree preferred
    • Experience in managing people in complex interpersonal environments
    • Proficient in balancing multiple duties and responsibilities, organizational skills and attention to detail; Adept at communicating with students, teachers, and parents on a wide variety of topics
    • Proficiency in Word, spreadsheets and other computer skills is required
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