• Salvio Pacheco Square
  • Campus Supervisor

    Under general supervision and evaluation by the site administrator, performs work of routine difficulty in continuous monitoring of student activities during school hours in and around the school facility; and performs other related duties as required.

    -Visually observe student behavior during campus hours on school property;  document and report all incidents according to established procedures
    -Advise the principal and assigned supervisor of all serious disturbances, hazardous conditions, unsafe procedures and all serious safety/security matters
    -Tour the school’s perimeter and interior periodically to provide maximum visibility, reduce potential physical conflicts among students and provide an atmosphere conductive to the learning process
    -Patrols hallways, restrooms and other areas in and around a school campus. Physically patrol and monitor all campus buildings and grounds; stop and question all students not in class during class time; monitor parking lots and student gathering areas before, during and after school; report to school site administration students that are in the hallways during class time
    -Visually monitor campus buildings and grounds for the presence of outsiders on school campus and report to administration; Checks for unauthorized persons on school grounds and on the alert for disorderly conduct by students
    -Tactfully and diplomatically deals with potential or actual misconduct by students
    -Request identification from adults and students and assist them, as necessary, with legitimate school business
    -Reports incidents beyond designated authority to the appropriate school administrator
    -Confers with school administrators on activities relating to the monitoring of students in and around the assigned campus
    -Assist with school safety programs, as assigned, such as fire drills, evacuation procedures, inspection of fire equipment and other school property
    -Ensure adherence to good safety procedures; follow federal and state laws, as well as Board policies; comply with all nondiscrimination policies of the Board of Education
    -Maintain discipline and orderliness during breakfast and lunch periods and when buses are loading and unloading students 

    -Successfully participate in training programs offered to increase individual skill and proficiency related to assigned duties to include cultural diversity, conflict resolution and sensitivity training

    Training and Experience: A combination of training and experience equivalent to high school graduation; some experience working with young people and training with restorative social justice practices and response to intervention strategies.
    Knowledge of:
    -The community
    -School routines, policies and regulations
    -Diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds of students
    Skill in:
    -Responding appropriately to behavior problems of students to maintain safe and orderly conditions on a school campus
    -Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others
    Ability to:
    -Have sufficient mobility with or without accommodation to perform the duties of the position
    -Learn and interpret school and district rules, policies and procedures
    -Follow oral and written directions

    -A valid California Driver’s License may be required.

    Certificates and Other Requirements:
    -Meet requirements as set forth in applicable state and federal laws and District Annual Notices (i.e. Mandated Reporting, Blood Borne Pathogen). Certification in First Aid and CPR required every 2 years.

    Primary Location Sequoia Middle
    Salary Range $18.92 - $25.39 / Per Hour
    Shift Type Part-Time