• Salvio Pacheco Square
  • Concord Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt

    Hello ghouls and goblins, welcome to the Concord Spooktacular Scavenger Hunt! Starting Monday, October 19th, you will have 13 days to solve 13 riddles - each riddle will lead you to the next location in Concord. Don't worry, there are hints available with each riddle. Here is how to participate:

    1. Scan QR Code at the location.
    2. Click on website for the next riddle.
    3. Solve riddle.
    4. Visit location.
    5. Take a picture of yourself at the location and tag us on Facebook (Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce) and/or Instagram (@ConcordChamber), as well as the location.
    6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all 13 locations. 

    The first 13 people to complete the steps above, post and tag all pictures will be eligible to spin the prize wheel. 

    Here is the QR Code to reveal the first riddle.



    Happy Hunting!